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[27 Oct 2005|12:43am]
[ mood | high ]

this was Danielle and I fucked up.. she was drunk, and I was baked.. it was weird, now we're talking on the phone

mellowjello61: i neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed to talk to him
duh nell44: why?
duh nell44: random..
mellowjello61: i just want to reallllly bad
duh nell44: for no reason?
duh nell44: or what happened?
mellowjello61: omg, what happened!
duh nell44: yeah
mellowjello61: WHAT HAPPENED?
duh nell44: danielle.. what happened?
mellowjello61: I DON'T KNOW!
duh nell44: what?
mellowjello61: did he get hurt
duh nell44: what are you talking about?
mellowjello61: what are you talking about?
mellowjello61: i don't know what happened
duh nell44: did something happen to him?
mellowjello61: no
duh nell44: oh.. are you asking me if something happened, or did something happen
duh nell44: ohhh
mellowjello61: i don't know
duh nell44: okay that was confusing.. i was asking if something happened if that's why you wanted to talk to him
mellowjello61: you asked me if i wanted to talk to him about what happened, and i don;t know what happened
mellowjello61: nothing happened that i know of
duh nell44: the way i worded it was wrong.. i was asking if something happened
duh nell44: haha okay he's fine
mellowjello61: i just want to talk to him
duh nell44: for no reason?>
duh nell44: what brought this on
mellowjello61: OMG! we said happened sooooooooooooooo much
duh nell44: seriously..
mellowjello61: i don;t knoe
duh nell44: hahah
duh nell44: i know
mellowjello61: i miss him
duh nell44: are you drunk?
mellowjello61: a little
duh nell44: that's why.. okay you were acting weird i thought
mellowjello61: os it to late to call
duh nell44: yeah
mellowjello61: oh
mellowjello61: but i reallllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllly want to talk to him and riley
mellowjello61: i miss them
duh nell44: you're drunk
mellowjello61: prove it!
mellowjello61: hHHAHAHAHA
mellowjello61: you are!
duh nell44: i'm messed up too.. this is so confusing
mellowjello61: HAHAA=A
duh nell44: you're so just laughing at yourselfd
duh nell44: haha
mellowjello61: I KNOW
mellowjello61: i'm cracking up
mellowjello61: ?
mellowjello61: bet you didn
mellowjello61: t
mellowjello61: FUN FACT
duh nell44: okay wtf is S'S SLANT UP?
mellowjello61: BOOGAH
duh nell44: not up
duh nell44: but the other word
duh nell44: like boioyah?
mellowjello61: the s...'s go up
mellowjello61: the letter
mellowjello61: goes up
duh nell44: up where>
mellowjello61: to the heavcens
mellowjello61: heavenss
duh nell44: does it knock on it's door?
duh nell44: hhahaha
mellowjello61: knock knock knockin on heavens doooooorrrrrrrrrr
mellowjello61: call me]
mellowjello61: now
duh nell44: okay
mellowjello61: im waiting by the phone
duh nell44: fag!
duh nell44: hahah i can pictuer it
mellowjello61: its on my desk
mellowjello61: its not ringing!!!!
duh nell44: hahahahha
duh nell44: it is now

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hungover [29 Aug 2005|08:26am]
[ mood | crappy ]

It's way too early to be up. Unfortunately when I drink a lot usually I wake up super early. Yeah I realize I wrote a little in here last night, I don't really remember it, but I saw it today. I met up with Tristan last night he came to my hotel. It was so good to see him again. We started off with a bunch of his friends at McGill but shit got way too complicated so we ditched them and went off on our own. It was way better. We pretty much walked all over downtown, we stopped at one bar and had a drink and left within 5 minutes haha Then we walked for soooo long until we got a cab, thank god we did my hotel was like an hour long walk away. We had some drinks and a ton of shots at the bar in my hotel and stayed there for quite a while. Then we were drinking Crown Royal on the streets. We were jsut fucking wasted. haha there's nothing better than being in a big city hitting the bars with your boyfriend. Oh yeah some bum tried picking a fight with Tristan, he sucked, but I was scared of him. Anywho, I'm heading home today. I've been here since Friday, but it was definitely a good trip. Alright I gotta go, I feel like shit.

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Montreal [29 Aug 2005|01:26am]
[ mood | drunk ]

I'm so hammerwed right now.. I just got in from barhopping woith Tristan. It was fun. It was so good to see him again. Montreal is like the collest city ever. We went everywhere. He talked to my dad hammered about weed, it was the funniest thing ever, my dad l,oved it. The bartender was awesome anbd we saw some kids sfrom McGill that were cool. He just left here, we got him a cab, he was loaded and he couldn't walk home. I definitely missed him a lot, tonight was good. Okay I'm gonna pretedn like I can type well and stuff, but really I'm fucking trashed.. omg the weirdest thing happened tonight. Goodfnight.

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that's so hot. [26 Jul 2004|03:15pm]
[ mood | giddy ]

Yesterday I worked. Danielle and I were super stressed, because it was unreal busy. After work I spent the night at her house, so we decided to go for a drive around 11, because her rents are gone for a while and we had no curfew. Our parents are very strict with curfews, so this was a big deal. Wait, before that we went to McDonald's and got stalked by Mallory, she was creepy as hell. Then we saw her today and she flipped us off. Necessary? No. Anyways.. So we were driving last night in West Bethel looking for something to do. Well we decided to turn around because there was too much construction. Then I got a brillant idea to hit a barrel on the side of the road, it was the worst idea I've ever had. This is how it went:
Me- "Hey! I should try and knock that barrel over! Wouldn't that be funny?!"
Danielle- "No, Danel don't!"
Me- "Come on it will be wicked fun!"
Danielle- "haha OK!!" Turns out the barrel was blocking off an entire sandpit on the side of the road. You can only imagine what happened. Well my entire right side of the car was completely buried in sand. Yeah, I'm a fucking moron. So we had no flashlight, no hazard lights and no one was around. We were screwed! So Danielle decided to try and dig us out with a mini, plastic, pretend garbage can from Frosty's. It didn't help. Then I woke Cassidy up and he had to come rescue us. OK then this happened:
Me- "OMG! This is so bad, this is like a senario from a scary movie! Two teenage girls on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere in the middle of the night."
Danielle- "OMG, I know..."
Me- "Yeah, like some guys could just come and rape us.."
---two seconds later, a guy walks to my car
Billy- "HI!"
Danielle- "AHHHHHHHHHHH!, Holy shit RUN!!
Danel- "Oh my fucking god, who are you?! SHHIIIT!"
(a little bit of screaming for a while)
Billy- "Uhh sorry, didn't mean to scare you...but I'm here to help you guys."
Danielle and Danel- "No, no you didn't scare us, we're cool."
Then Cassidy showed up and he kinda stood around and Billy went and got a shovel and Danielle whipped out a beach chair, sat in the sand and starting singing. She doesn't help at all. Then we realized we were making no progress so I called AAA. The guy told me to be quiet and laughed at me. I was not impressed. Cassidy pushed my car with his van and it helped a little, after I finally put it in Drive. I was in Park mostly. I told you I'm retarded. Then the tow truck guy came and he also laughed at me. Oh yeah and we saw his hairy buttcrack. It was lovely. Ten minutes later, my car was free! Yay! I was in the sandpit for about an hour and a half. What's even worse on the way home, I decided I'd try it again, and it was a sucess. But the fact that I did it again, was dumb as hell. That's our story and we're stickin to it.

On a lighter note, Danielle and I got haircuts today,and we have senior pictures tomorrow. Another thing, The Simple Life is our new favorite show. They're our idols. I love them. The show.... it's hot.

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